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Sean William Codrey
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Profile picture by :iconteuga:
My sweet love :iconstopmotion54:

This account now operate by 2 artists (FireEagle2015 & Stopmotion54)

Hai guy, welcome to my page
I'm kinda friendly and like to talk with people so don't
be shy if you wanna talk with me :3
-Birthday: 15th November 1997 (Scorpio)
-Talent: organ, piano, drumkit, cajon, harmonica, art, informatic, martial art, sport
-Like: drawing digital art on PC, playing music, making animation and watching movie: action, cute or romantic movie
-Dislike: too much blood, gore, offensive material, deathly and some kind of
freaking picture or movie (because if i watch it, i can't sleep at night X-P)
-Things are needed: Some good and kindness friends to help each other when needed
-Favorite animal: Dog, cat, hamster and some kind of birds
-Favorite pokemon : Pikachu, Zangoose, Vulpix, Eeveelution, espeacilly Umbreon!
-Favorite games : Cross Fire, Minecraft, Halo, Counter-Strike, ZingSpeed
-Favorite guns : Ak47, MP7, Barrett M28A1, M28A2 and M99, MP5 and especially M4A1
-Favorite music : all kinds of music
-Nick name: FireEagle2015
Favorite artist: :icontactical-umbreon: :iconmikeinel: :icondragoon86: :icontsaoshin: :icontysontan:
-Website: deviantArt:
------------ InkBunny:
-------------facebook account:…
-------------facebook page:…
yahoo: (not use much)
Skype: codrey.sean
Paltalk: FireEagle2015 (not use much)
Tumblr: (not use much)
Zing: (not use much)
-Slogan: non-stop creative
------------non-stop innovate

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke

day start: 2016/July/26
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Alright, for all everyone who have been wondering about where I active with my arts.


-Personal Facebook:

This is where I active the most, nearly 24/24
You can follow me or send friend request (but pls send me the message first)
You can find my art's updates, W.I.P. drawings, Sketchs, Doodles, and more
Sometimes I often put out some Free sketchs, drawings event or lottery or at some Occasion that I want (New year, New Year Eve, Valentine, Halloween, Christmas, etc...) O 3 o

-Facebook page:

If you are shy to send friend request, you can follow me on my page, feel free to send message, liking and commenting on my posts :3

-Google +:

This is just a place I came over for some G+ Watchers or Artists on here for fun, you can also follow me here :p


And of course, a popular site for many artists around the world, and where I active most with my SFW drawings, you can find all my SFW arts, Commission informations, and more. Thanks for the Watchs, Favs, Comments and Llamas ! XD

Watch out for these place if you are not into nsfw stuffs [R-18]

This is where I active the most with all my draw, you can find all versions of my SFW and NSFW drawings here, and of course you must have account to view them. You can follow me on here if you want to find all versions of my drawings faster and easier >:3


Most of you furries know this place :3  but i usually don't post all versions here, only 1 or 2 of them cause I can't post all versions in 1 post like InkBunny, But of course if you have account here, you can follow me for my drawings, thanks for the watchs, favs and comments :3


Look pretty much Japanese like community to me, and yes you can follow me and also can find all versions of sfw and nsfw here

and lastly, a totally popular site for all of your dirty mind :3 Same with Inkbunny and Pixiv, e621 is where I post a lot of my drawing, but mostly NSFW. You can find me easily with my artist tag: "Senz" , just put it in the search board and click search :3

Alright, that's it for now, thanks for reading, watching, following, and more from all of you. Appreciate to all of your supports

Where I active ? by FireEagle2015
Yes, as you can see at the title, me and my gf :iconstopmotion54: (she's a really great artist) have merged our accounts into 1, and this account :iconfireeagle2015: will be the one active for both

More styles of drawing from us (Feral, Anthro, Kemono, Furry, Human, etc...)
More types of commissions will be added
This account will now active for 2 artists: :iconfireeagle2015: Just call me Sean
and :iconstopmotion54: Just call her
Credit and other signatures can be seen in our drawings and commissions

Thanks for reading, feel free to talk or ask anything
Hope you all have a great day


Mine ! by FireEagle2015

:happybounce: :Bummies: :shuffelin: That weekend feeling

Commission Slot

[Closed - Re-open in March - 2017]


   Working list: 






Waiting list:


2. Empty

3. Empty

4. Empty

5. Empty

Commission Info

Anime + Furry

What I will draw:

Normal art

-Furry,Animal,Birthday gift, fanart, Fakemon, OCs, shoujo/shounen-ai/ shoujo-ai,..


NSFW art (+1$)
just some support for me, you don't have to if you don't want

First of all, please don’t ask why I draw those things...=///3///=


What I will not draw:

-Realistic art style, guys with too much muscles, mecha stuff, realistic animals, too much bloody, creepy, gore, violent, offensive stuff

(we can talk about this, if it not too bad, I will make it)


-I only start your commission request after I receive the payment (100% or 50%)

USD only, pay in my paypal:

-Comment, note or message me if you want to make a request

-Please describe you inquiries as specific as possible

-I have the right to turn down any commission that makes me feel uncomfortable or contains offensive materials.

-When I’ve received your payment, I’ll start working on the sketch and I’ll send you the sketch so if you want to change anything, that’s your chance.

-After we’ve settled down the sketch, I’ll start working on the rest of the process and deliver it to you in full size, high quality/resolution.

-Your commission will be done in 1 or less than 2 weeks (except comic commission) 
se do not rush me, I have my own life too, not just drawing your commission everyday, everytime]

-I will return 100% payment if I can't make it or something happen that I have to turn down the deal

-After you receive your commission, you can ask me to fix if I miss or wrong something in your drawing, OC or other stuffs (just small detail fix, not too much or complicate)

-You are free to do anything with your drawing commission, please give credit if you sharing it somewhere (just some respect with the artist)

-I’m not work just for the money, but for the good of your and my work, so I certain that your drawing will be in best quality, not just a quick drawing shit just for money

-Any tips is very appreciate 


Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] PRICE Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]


NOTICE: There are price for each part of the drawing such as Line, Color, Shading, Background, etc... you can choose and request as you want, draw only some part or the full one

Icon/Avatar: (headshot)

-Half body only: 
-Only line + Color = 9$
-(Line + Color) 9$ + shading 8$ =17$

Free simple background

innocent Asriel Dreemurr by stopmotion54  Rei Ayanami by stopmotion54   be young, be kawaiiiiii by stopmotion54  heyyy my name is W.Steria by stopmotion54  Kaori Miyazono by stopmotion54  Eevee~ by FireEagle2015 Rin Kaebyou by FireEagle2015 Aly New Oc [Commission] by FireEagle2015 Lovely sweety by FireEagle2015 Little Riolu [Commission] by FireEagle2015 



Original Character Reference: (OC ref)

-Only Line 8$
-Only Line 8$ + color 6$ = 14$
-Line 8$ + color 6$ + shading 6$ =20$

(this price is when you already have your own OC designed, i repeat "your own OC design" and DO NOT steal other artist's OC, send me the drawing or other ref of it)

-Line 8$ + color 7$ + shading 6$ + 10$ OC designing = 31$ 
(this price is when you dont have your OC designed yet, tell me what you need and it's gonna take some time to design your OC)

Equipments and other stuffs are free 

-Other: + more $ for extra thing (headshot, poses, status mode, expression,etc... )

Etis [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Oliver Starling [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Zippy [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Umbrarum the Third Legacy [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Gort [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Char [Commission] by FireEagle2015 Kurisutaru Mun [Commission] by FireEagle2015   Raiden [Commission] by FireEagle2015   Teufel Hound [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Daiki OC ref [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Steven [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Gummiyane Akashiya [Commission] by FireEagle2015 



Action Character:

-Only Line 8$
-Only Line 8$ + color 8$ = 16$ 
-Line 8$ + color 8$ + shading 7$ = 23$

+5$ background 
+8$ more extra characters
KoriNoOkami [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Coffee time [Commission] by FireEagle2015    Dungeon Raiders [Commission] - Speedpaint by FireEagle2015  Rune Sorren [Commission] (Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015  Cuddling [Commission] by FireEagle2015 StormTheHusky [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Kinyuo [Commission] - Speedpaint by FireEagle2015  Macro fun with Bun [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Tea time with Oz [Art Trade] by FireEagle2015  Keron-KKL [FanArt] by FireEagle2015  

Little Neroj [Commission] by FireEagle2015 Bedtime [Commission] by FireEagle2015   White bunny by FireEagle2015    The Dungeon [Commission] by FireEagle2015 

Mature Content

Myaaa...? by FireEagle2015
   Fur-fist [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Prelude to the past 3 [Commission] (Composition) by FireEagle2015  Right behind you [Commission] by FireEagle2015  What Am I to you ? by FireEagle2015  Merry Christmas Chiffon ! by FireEagle2015  SoraCasus [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Dad and Son [Commission] - (Speedpaint) by FireEagle2015 



Animation: (price negotiations)

Free simple background

  Animated eyes blink - non shading by FireEagle2015  Animated eyes blink - shading by FireEagle2015  TV and Chill~ [Commission] (GIF version) by FireEagle2015  Facing your Demons [The making of] by FireEagle2015 


Expression: (price negoriations)

   Face Expressions [Commission] by FireEagle2015  Miles Seawind - Expression [Commission] by FireEagle2015


Other Type of drawings (price negotiations)


Happy Halloween to everyone ! by FireEagle2015Happy Halloween ! by FireEagle2015   Halloween Gift Art #2 by FireEagle2015  Little Chiffon~ by FireEagle2015  Happy Birthday Bellz [Art Gift] by FireEagle2015   Little Kitty by FireEagle2015


Other bonus for you

Anyone who bought 3+ commissions, have good behavior, attitude and polite could have some bonus, some stuff in your drawing, free small drawing, art gift, free avatar, birthday gift, some nsfw if you don’t mind. All of these bonus will be decide by me when I draw your commission and I feel good about you.


That is all for now, the prices may change over time

Commissions have done: 146

You can contact me at: 

Where I active ? by FireEagle2015


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IsinhaQMiranda Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Hi Sean! Can you visit my page?:happybounce: 
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Nice gallery:) (Smile)
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No problem, I like good art:) (Smile) I invite you to my gallery:) (Smile)If you like my work, watch me :) (Smile)
TEAMSONICBR Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017
HEY Sean i love your art and i watched you now,can i be friends?i love umbreon so much like you too hhehe
FireEagle2015 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the watch, and it's still depend, I dont usually make random friend
and i not really active on here as much as fb tho
TEAMSONICBR Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017 you say it...not problem ;)
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I Love your art!
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thank you
PudicaPoutine Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I wanted to ask if you would watch me. Sorry:_: I know a lot of people probably ask that. I'm looking for artist friends.
ZeroTheFox1 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
I want to ask for a commission... But i have to wait because i don't have a way to pay... The struggles of life... Your art is just that good
FireEagle2015 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The commission list is pretty much full for the time being so come back later when I have the slot free
and Thanks btw
ZeroTheFox1 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
I dont mind waiting... I just dont have a way to pay for it...
TornadoWeirdo Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, Jesus loves you!
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thank you and same to you as well
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Nice Art!
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Wish i was that good
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everything has it process
keep learning and practising with what youa re aiming for
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<3 You're the best ;)
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